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“80 Million people get their news online”

“100 Million people use search engines everday.”

  • 64% of journalists use Google or Yahoo! to follow the news 64% 64%

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SEO Press Release Marketing

For Chiropractors

10 Pros For Press Releases

Why your business needs to use Search Engine Optimized Press Release Marketing


1. HUGE viewership and customer base

Around the world, more than 80 million are reading the news. Think about it – if just 0.1% of those readers read your press release and bought your product, you’d be bringing in quite a bit. There’s a huge pool of potential customers out there, so make the best of it and write a press release that’s worth reading. Having said that, please don’t turn your press release into an advertisement.

2. Increased visibility and trust

The more people read about you, the more they know you. Before you know it, customers and journalists begin to empathize with you and support your cause which of course, should be good for mankind and not the opposite. The more people understand your purpose and objectives, the more likely you’ll be covered in the media and as mentioned before, remember to give them something worth publicizing.

3. Enhanced SEO efforts

It’s no surprise how people use press releases to maximize their off-page SEO backlinking efforts. Any SEO marketer would tell you the importance of keyword research and anchor backlinks when writing a press release – all for the sake of SEO. The links commonly found on press releases are not there for decorative purposes, but for readers to click so that they can be redirected to your site. And at the end of the day – increased traffic!


4. Managing and fixing your reputation

Not everyone gets good customer reviews and sometimes just because of one unsatisfied customer, your website’s reputation on SERPs could be completely tarnished. Press release distributions can help you manage your reputation, especially if you’ve been getting negatively flamed for something you might not have done. Optimizing your press releases and sending them out for SEO purposes will help you gain back the positive reputation you deserve, pushing all your negative reviews to the back of SERPs.

5. Why it’s called “News”, not “Olds”

The achievements and advancements of your company are all highlighted in the press release. With the mass syndication of your press release, your company’s information will spread like wildfire. Your customers and investors will not only get the freshest and most updated news about your brand, but at the same time lets people know how successful you are through your accomplishments.

6. Become an industry expert

Don’t forget, if you’re sending out press releases for people to read about you, you must be something worth reading about. As such, you have to be an expert at something and actually educate and share the information that you’ve become so well-learned about. Doing so would increase your viewer’s trust and rapport and eventually, if people like and agree with what you talk about, they’re more likely to purchase the service or product that you have to offer.


7. Cost-effective

In terms of SEO, press release distribution can be considered one of the more economical choices compared with paid advertising. Its results are also more observable and measurable than social media marketing. Generally, using press release distribution to increase traffic and maximize SEO efforts is actually pretty good value for money.

8. Spread your brand virally

We’re now in the age of Web2.0, whereby everyone is entitled to contributing to a piece of the internet, everyone gets heard. Any press release that’s awesome enough will be shared, multiple times through various social platforms. The end result – a chain effect where your news spread across networks that will drive more online users to read and share your news tips, thus more leads and more sales.

9. Extend reach of press releases through RSS feeds

Sometimes, users search for their news through RSS newsreaders as there are many websites that allow them to subscribe to these news feeds based on their interests. As such, using press release distribution extends your reach to these audiences, gaining the mindshare of another customer base beyond your current and already existing one.


10. Permanent Indexation

Your SERP rankings will be enhanced because these press releases will be indexed by top news search engines, meaning your content will be stored inside Google’s (or any other search engine’s) database for easy accessibility. This makes it extremely easy for consumers, journalists, and other interested parties to find your content should they search for on Google.


“Our Search Engine Optimized Press Release Marketing is designed to increase your brand, and help drive new customers to your business. As press release distribution has shifted steadily toward an online activity and with more companies placing news rooms on their websites, it’s become increasingly important to optimize your press releases to drive more search engine traffic and to attract targeted customers. ”

Leon Williams, President


Search Engine Optimized Press Releases To Get Clients Coming Through Your Door And Your Telephone Ringing


1. Keyword Research

A process in which the goal is to find local keywords that get a sufficient amount of web traffic, can be optimized for, and we can use to get your business into the Google 3-pack.


2. Search Engine Optimized Press Release Writing

Our staff of talented writers will create a Search Engine Optimized Press Release that will help to increase the authority of your website and other online assets.

3. Press Release Distribution

We will distribute your Search Engine Optimized Press Release to 300-400+ premium news distribution sites and organizations both local and national. This will give your online presence tremendous authority, increase your business’s profile, and further your brand.

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Inside You’ll Learn:

Why Press Releases?

Why press releases are one of your most effective marketing tools available… yet 98% of business owners and managers overlook this powerful marketing channel thinking it’s only for the “big boys”

How To Write A Press Release

Exactly how to write a press release for your business, or get one written…you’ll learn my own proven 5-paragraph press release model. Your press release won’t just be interesting. It will compel readers to take the next step!

What To Put In Your Press Release

How pros are including multimedia in press releases for extra bang…multimedia is the “new thing” in press releases for good reason. Learn what to include and how to include it.

How To Drive Leads With Press Releases

How to use press releases to get the phone ringing, more traffic in the door, and up sales…press releases done right aren’t really for news, they’re for marketing!

Our Proven Methodology

Our Press Release Stacking Methodology for moving your Chiropractor business to the Google 3-pack.

Every step is managed to ensure your project is completed with professional attention to detail.

Step #1 Site Assessment

We will understand your business, identify its market and find the competition. We will make sure that your website is SEO friendly. The website is going to need to be locally optimized with keywords. No longer will a sub-par website rank in the 3-pack for any competitive search term. 90% of a campaigns success relies on the proper selection of keywords.

Step #2 Campaign Roadmap

We create a strategy to match or beat the competition taking your website’s structure, code and digital footprint distribution called the Campaign Roadmap. We requisition contributors to your project such as SEO’s, Writers, Analytics, Webmasters and organize activities that are meant to drive success to you in the shortest time possible. We report the work to you in order to achieve the best results for your campaign. We drive as many strengths to your website as we can, a soon as we can.


Step #3 On-Page SEO

We identify the technical elements of your site to be improved to drive better traffic performance to your website. We match the search phrases to the pages on your site and evaluate if your website sends the correct semantic signals to Search Engines. We create algorithmically appealing content while matching matching your marketing language to penetrate Search filters and reach your target audience. 70% of ranking success is attributed to On-Page factors.

Step #4 Citation Building

We will build Citations to your business and website. Citations are mentions on the World Wide Web of your business. We will select the top authority Online Business Directories and the top 4 Data Aggregators to build your Citations.

Step #5 Execute Press Release Distribution

Using our Search Engine Optimized Press Release Dog-Pile Distribution method we will strategically release Press Releases that will increase the Google Authority of your website and get placed in the 3-pack for a specific keyword.



Step #6 Reporting And Analytics

We have heavily invested in technology and provide you with real time reporting and collaboration through our proprietary user dashboard. Our dashboard integrates Analytics, Social and Search Console data to allow business owners holistic access to important marketing data about their site and project progress on Desktop, Tablet or Mobile. Generate Reports and Analysis online and in real time. Over 80% of ROI opportunity is found through Analytics and Periodic Reporting.

Press Release Services Available

Specially Designed To Fit Your Business’s SEO Needs

Press Release Writing

Standard Press Release Writing – More Info.

SEO Press Release Writing – More Info.

Press Release Distribution

Premium Press Release Distribution Service – More Info.

Premium SEO Press Release Distribution Service – More Info.

Premium SEO Press Release Distribution Service Monthly – More Info.

Premium SEO Press Release 3-Pack Dogpile Distribution – More Info.

Page Creation

Create Page (WordPress Website) – More Info.

Create Press Release Landing Page On Website (WordPress) – More Info.

Create Press Release Landing Page (Custom) – More Info.

Create Press Release Landing Page (Standalone/Template) – More Info.

Create Press Release Landing Page (Standalone/Custom) – More Info.

Targeted Social Traffic

Targeted Facebook Views – More Info.

Press Release Marketing FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Press Release Marketing..

What is a press release?

A press release is a news announcement that details the who, what, when and why of an upcoming milestone. The format is different from editorial articles you might find in a newspaper. A press release is a way to summarize official announcements to the public and news media quickly.

Are the Press release distribution pickups considered media placement?

No, the press release distribution included in some campaigns is separate and not the actual media placements (editorial reviews, interviews, features).

What is the purpose of a press release?

Press releases are official announcements of a newsworthy event or milestone. It serves as a clear and concise way for the public to be aware of your news.

How many words will be included in my press release?

A press release is generally under 450 words. We make sure to include the most important information for the media.

How many images will be included with my release?

Your press release includes one image. The image should be square in either jpg or png. The image could be a headshots, professional cover art or logo.

How is the press release distributed?

The press release is distributed via a national wire service. The distribution across the wire makes the press release available to a wide range of news outlets. A press release distribution increases your online footprint and will also frequently be included in Google news results.

How can I find the press announcement?

We recommend searching (copy/paste) the exact press release title in Google, Bing and Yahoo to see some pickups from the announcement.

Why do some of the outlets look like they are the same?

A National wire distribution includes local affiliates of news organizations that can appear similar. (for example, WAND is a local affiliate of Fox News)

Where will my press release appear?

Your press release will appear on a wide array of websites including independent and local journals, local affiliates of major TV networks across the US. Press releases will sometimes show up in business or finance sections of national outlets.

Why does the same press release appear across different news outlets?

A press release is an official statement issued to news media giving information on a particular matter. It’s a static announcement that will appear the same across multiple outlets.

Will there be any SEO benefits?

Many use press releases as part of their link building strategy. We don’t recommend it as the only approach.

How is a press release different than campaign coverage?

A press release is an official fixed announcement written by us on your behalf. 3rd party journalists write the media coverage (articles, reviews, interviews, or features). It may include facts from the press release however it’s written in a different form.

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