There are millions of videos available for any online viewer to see right this second. This means that your small businesses video must have something of interest for a viewer if you want them to end up watching it out of the millions of potential choices they have.

The most important feature of any online marketing video is its content.Your main objective should be to always create marketing videos with quality content. Without quality content your business’s video could end up as just one choice in a million of other choices.

So how do you create a quality video for your online audience that will ensure that they take the time to watch it rather than simply skipping to the next video on the list?

First you make the content engaging, interesting, captivating, attractive, exciting, appealing, remarkable and fascinating.

How you accomplish this will depend on your company’s specific marketing strategy and objectives, and the methods you will be using to create the video.

Again, this represents the most difficult part of your video marketing campaign.

Second, you will want to keep your quality video short.

Most online viewers have a very short attention span. Keeping your videos short will ensure that your viewers remain interested for the entire video. A good marketing video will show its intended message within the first 5-15 seconds. It will then sum up the rest of the message in less than 5 minutes.

In the world of video marketing videos that 5 minutes in length are considered to be quite long.

Third, a quality video contains more than just the message and information the company wishes to present to its viewers.

It must present this message and information in a specifically engaging manner. Generic visuals and mindless voiceovers will not capture your viewer’s attention because they have seen that before.

If they feel like they have seen it before or the video they are watching is not interesting to them, they will simply click the button and make the video disappear.

Human emotions and deep, soulful messages are what people are looking for in an online video.

This message must also be both truthful and accurate, or it can end up ruining your company’s reputation and desired brand image. (This means don’t ever lie about your company in your marketing videos!)

Pay attention to your video’s message and how that message is being portrayed.

Fourth, a good quality marketing video will have other attributes that will help capture the attention of online viewers.

One good way to add to the message and feel of your business’s marketing video is to incorporate sharing devices into it. You can allow people to easily and quickly ‘share’ your video with others if they like it. You can also allow them to share their thoughts and feelings about your video.

Allowing your viewers to leave both positive and negative feedback will boost viewer engagement and increase your company’s reputation in the eyes of your viewers. (Be sure that your business is ready to accept and deal with any negative feedback that is sure to arise. This means being prepared to counteract such comments in order to show your customers that you care enough to follow-up with them.)

You can also use this positive and negative feedback to constantly alter and change your marketing videos to make them more attractive to your viewers.

Remember that marketing videos and tactics should never be static.

Other attributes that can be added to a marketing video in order to increase its attractiveness to its viewers include various tools and amendments.

One good example of such a tool is the auto-play button, which makes the video automatically begin playing when the viewer arrives on the webpage. This eliminates the need to persuade the viewer to press play and automatically begins getting your message out to them.

Amendments also help keep marketing videos fresh, interesting and engaging to viewers. Constantly adding, removing and changing parts of your marketing videos helps to improve their function.

An effective way to accomplish this is to create a video series that is constantly offering your viewers something new.

It is also helpful for creating a loyal following of your marketing videos.

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